Vertical blinds are made of vinyl, fabric, or both (inserted vanes). Verticals are easy to use, low maintenance and offer the advantage of very effective light control. Particularly well-suited for large windows vertical louvers can be rotated to control glare or close for complete privacy or can be drawn open for an unobstructed view.



Our wood blinds are available in one, two and two 1/2 inch wide slat sizes, in a full range of finishes. This is a great classic choice for those seeking the beauty of real wood and the practicality of horizontal window blinds for their window treatments

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Roman Shades offer stripes and gorgeous patterns ideal for many of today's styles.  These flexible shades have reigned supreme for decades, accommodating everyone's personal design style, from shabby-chic and traditional all the way to contemporary.   Available in light filtering or room darkening.

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Tucson Blinds and Shutters offers the best selection of window treatments. We offer the most comprehensive advice to help you make the best decision in window coverings to match your lifestyle.


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Faux wood blinds are made with a synthetic PVC material that has the look and feel of a Natural Wood, but lighter and more economical. The unique formulation captures all the warmth and beauty of real wood, but is actually stronger, harder and far more water resistant. Our faux wood blinds are 100% Ultra Violet controlled, which means they will not yellow. You will not have to worry about warping or cracking. Faux blinds are a great product for areas of high moisture or humidity, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. Our faux wood blinds are available in 2-inch and 2 1/2-inch slat sizes, in a range of colors and wood tones.




Shutters bring you the warmth of classic southern-style in 2 1/2”, 3 1/2" and 4 1/2" louvers in multiple colors. The panels with louvers are hinged to a frame that is mounted directly to the window frame or wall. Wood shutters are handcrafted using only the finest selection of hardwood maple, red oak, cherry, white oak, walnut, alder and mahogany. All woods are premium furniture quality and offer strength and durability. They are available in a wide assortment of custom specialty shapes and can be matched to almost any color for a custom designer look.



Cellular shades are made of non-woven soft fabric that creates a honeycomb "cell". These cells trap air for maximum energy efficiency and sound reduction. Cellular shades offer distinctive smooth and textured fabrics from sheer to opaque, in a single or double cell construction. They offer varying degrees of light control and privacy and are easy to clean. You can choose from a variety of lifting systems including a roller clutch lift and a child-safe cordless lift system.



Wood Shades let you bring the splendor and beauty of nature indoors. With unique grasses, reeds and bamboos, Woven Woods are as essential elements in today's home décor styles.